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until they were dead. One might live a hun-
dred years among horses without ever seeing one
of these hideous freaks of the horse world, so
seldom are they produced. He had already killed
two of his own herd, young stallions., right there
In our corral. Little did we wonder^ now, that
he was the leader of that mighty band of wild

Our braves were taking no more chances with
him. They were high up on top of the seven-
foot corral fence., throwing their rawhide lariats
in vain attempts to neck the murderous mon-
strosity. But this devil disguised as a horse had
the reasoning of a human being. He would
stand and watch the rawhide come twirling
through the air, and then just as It was about to
swirl over his head he would duck his shaggy neck
and remain standing on the spot with his front
feet spread apart. In devilish defiance of man and
matter. None of our oldest men had ever seen
anything like him.

It was finally decided to corner him with fire-
brands and throw a partition between him and
the rest of the herd, so that our braves could get
busy cutting out the best of the other ammals3
before turning the rest loose. This was done, and
by nightfall we had captured and hobbled two
hundred of the best bottoms anywhere In the